ACE Counselors

Shasta College has many wonderful counselors, but the ACE program has two specific counselors:  Rebecka Renfer and ​Sonia Randhawa

Note: Rebecka is on maternity leave until March 1, 2018.  ​

Because of the accelerated nature of the program, you will work with Rebecka or Sonia as counselors as they are the most knowledgeable about the details of the program. T​he ACE Information and Interest/Placement packet will instruct you on how to set up an initial academic counseling session with one of them.  Contact the ACE Office to make an appointment with​​Rebecka or Sonia.

Support programs for first-generation students: EOPS and TRiO/SSS

EOPS: Extended Opportunities Program and Services

  • ​State funded program for students coming from lower income households (must be receiving BOG fee waiver), educationally disadvantaged backgrounds who are pursuing certificates, non-transfer and transfer Associate degrees
  • A special part of the program, CARE, is for single parents who are receiving TANF (or child receives TANF) ​

Student Support Services

  • Federally funded program for students from lower income households (i.e. BOG) OR are first in their family to attend college OR who have a documented disability
  • Student must be planning to transfer for a Bachelor degree


Applying to EOPS and TRiO/SSS:

  •  Applications for each program can be accessed from their websites
  • Special notes for applications:
    •  EOPS application:
      • Question about Part-time status:  if you are not taking every course in the ACE sequence (because you already had some coursework completed), check the box indicating you will be part time
      • The EOPS application is online and does not include a space for you to indicate that you are an ACE student.  Instead, after submitting your application, follow up with an email to Myriam Kalmogho,, and include the following information:
        • ​Name
        • Shasta College ID
        • The phrase: “I am an ACE student and I just submitted my application for EOPS”
    • ​TRIO/SSS application:
      • ​Indicate you are an ACE student on your application by simply writing “ACE Student” across the top of the application
​​​If you are accepted into either EOPS or TRiO/SSS, you will be asked to review orientation materials and sign a statement saying you understand what is required of being in the program.  There would be two 1-hour evening workshops per semester that you would need to attend; these would work around the ACE classes, and we are looking into the possibility of doing these through a webinar, but they may be in person.  You do not have to apply to either of these programs, but we wanted to make you aware of their availability.​