All financial aid administered at Shasta College is available to ACE students who meet eligibility requirements. This includes federal and state grants, the Board of Governor’s (BOG) Fee Waiver, scholarships, loans and federal work-study (an opportunity to work on campus and receive a paycheck).  General Financial Aid Information is available​ online.


The ACE program is considered to be offered in a Non-Standard Term vs. a Standard Term due to the cross-over of sections offered within one term.

Due to the structure of the ACE program, Pell Grant and student loans are calculated and disbursed in a different method compared to students taking standard term classes.  Due to the Non-Standard Term structure of the Ace Program, eligibility for federal Pell Grant and federal student loan are calculated by a different formula which is based on the number of units and courses completed for only required ACE classes. What this means is that in order to be considered full-time or part-time and be able to receive your Pell Grant or student loan, the Financial Aid office has to do the following:

  1. ​Calculate the student’s overall eligibility for the entire academic year
  2. Calculate the number of required ACE units within a set timeframe (module) for the first disbursement.
  3. For subsequent disbursements:
    1. Verify the student has completed and passed the required units in the module in order to release subsequent disbursements. There are typically four modules within one academic year.

 If a student drops or fails an ACE class and has received federal Pell Grant and/or federal student loan, the student cannot receive a subsequent disbursement until the student has completed the class that was dropped or failed. This means that the student would have to take an extra class on top of the student’s regularly scheduled ACE classes to make up the missing class. PLEASE do NOT drop an ACE class without discussing your situation with Financial Aid, Counseling and the ACE Coordinator first so we can fully inform you what effect dropping the class would have on future ACE classes and financial aid.


Students cannot simply substitute a regular, semester-length class for an ACE class without impacting their financial aid. Taking a regular semester class to make up for a missed class will affect both the amounts and timing of any Pell Grant and student loan disbursements. If a student ends up taking the majority of their classes in standard term classes (outside of ACE classes), the student then would not be considered to be part of the ACE program for financial aid purposes.

In addition to this special requirement for the ACE program, ACE students are also required to meet standard rules for financial aid eligibility.  Please review the following policies regarding financial aid eligibility:

Lastly, it is important to frequently check your MyShasta account for information about your financial aid.

  • Some students may need to submit additional documents, beyond the FAFSA application, in order for the Financial Aid Office to evaluate a student’s financial aid eligibility.  See the online instructions for  "How to Complete My File​
  • The Financial Aid Office will use the “Financial Aid Award Letter” to communicate to students what grants and loans have been awarded to eligible students.  After a student completes their financial aid file, a Financial Aid Technician will process their eligibility and award any grants the student is eligible for which creates the students award letter. The Financial Aid Technician will email the student once when this occurs. A students’ Financial Aid Award Letter can be found on MyShasta under the “Financial Aid” section.
If you are an ACE student and have questions about your eligibility, award amount, disbursement dates, and/or thinking of dropping a class please contact Renee Garcia (Financial Aid Technician) at 530-242-7708 or email at​