We started the program with our first students in June 2016!  This is what they have to say:

 “I am in ACE because it provides a streamlined way to achieve a goal that contributes both to my current business life as Branch Manager of a major brokerage firm and as a bridge to enable me to take the next steps into my future business life.” Nathan, AS General Studies-Business. Nathan finished his Associate degree in July 2017 and is now attending Cal Northern School of Law to earn his JD degree. (Did you know that some law schools allow you to attend with an Associate degree?)


“I have a ton on my plate with being a good father, showing up to my job ready to work hard, and being a good student. If I stick to my plan of studying and not procrastinating I should have no problem having success in ACE.”Jeff, AS-T Business.  Jeff plans to finish his Bachelor’s in Business, possibly at CSU Chico.


“The most important hard skill that I have learned through this class [STU 1] is to be a better planner, because I never thought that planning out study and homework time daily would be so beneficial.  By planning out my weekly and monthly calendars I am staying on top of my assignments.   I also feel that I am learning the material and my anxiety level has decreased.”Amalia, AA-T Psychology 


“Why did I choose ACE? I have been looking into accelerated programs that will allow me to get my AS in Business in the shortest amount of time possible. I already had 3 part time semesters in my transcripts. I received the flyer for this class in the mail and while I was already determined to complete my degree I decided to give this program a chance.” Makayla, AS-T Business.  Makayla will transfer to a university after completing her Associate degree through ACE and finish her Bachelor’s in Business.


“Being older is not a disadvantage, and I must remember this and use my life skills to help achieve my goals.”Jennifer, AA-T Psychology.  Jennifer plans to pursue a Bachelor’s in Social Work (Humboldt State’s online BSW) after ACE.


"With the ACE program I don't feel like a little fish in a big pond all alone! They make sure I have the tools to succeed!"Donna, AS-T Business​​​​​​​​​​