Welcome to the Shasta College Art Department


The Department of Art was created in 1948. At that time Donald Boyd, the Department's first chair, designed a transfer curriculum based on the lower division programs then being offered at the University of Oregon at Eugene and the University of California at Berkeley. This baccalaureate Fine Art transfer foundation has been continued and strengthened over the years. From the beginning the Art Department has sought breadth, as well as integration of its art appreciation, art history and studio programs. Our class offerings have been organized not only to prepare art majors for transfer but also to assist the general education student.

The impact of our faculty and paraprofessional staff, all of whom have achieved regional or national reputations, has been instrumental in the classroom as well as enriching the educational environment of the community. Many of our former students have developed significant careers in fine art, not only as painters and sculptors but also as designers, teachers, art historians, and gallery or museum curators and directors.


Mission Statement:

The Art Department is designed to serve the artistic and cultural needs of the Shasta/Tehama/Trinity Community College District. The department strives to provide the students with comprehensive art educational programs. The focus of the department’s staff and its curriculum is designed to prepare the students with solid foundation art skills and to stimulate individual artistic expression. The art program is organized to advance an appreciation for historical and contemporary artistic endeavors.