Certificate in Digital Art and Design


The Digital Art and Design Certificate will prepare students for jobs in the graphic design and digital arts industry such as Digital Photography, Logo Design, Graphics and Animation as well as industry related, digital-based automation.

This certificate is a collaboration with the CIS department and through a multidisciplinary approach to teaching digital based art and design, a strong understanding of technical, conceptual and aesthetic applications in the digital and graphic industry prove this certification effective in digital art and designed-based employment.


Upon successful completion of this degree, the student will be able to: 

  1. Recognize and explain conditional responses to visual media from Gestalt theory.
  2. Produce production ready digital design and graphics using industry standard software applications.
  3. Recognize theories and principle​s behind effective design models. 
  4. Analyze readings on digital photographic practice and theory.
  5. Utilize artificial lighting equipment, systems and backgrounds for digital photographic methods.
  6. Successfully employ the elements and principles of design to digital art applications.

Suggested Sequences of Classes for Certificate in Digital Arts

Semester Offered\Method of Instruction
Semester 1 (Fall) 
Course Course Name Units Fall Spring Summer
ART 12 Beginning Design, Form and Color 3 units FF FF
ART 21A Beginning Freehand Drawing 3 units FF FF
​ART 72 ​Introduction to Digital Art (proposed class) 3 units​
Semester 2 (Spring)
ART 70A Beginning Digital Photography 3 units FF FF
ART 80A Beginning Graphic Design 3 units FF FF FF
​CIS 83 Web Design Using Dream Weaver​ 2 units​ FF​
Students interested in starting a design business are encouraged to enroll in:
BUAD 10 Introduction to Business 3 units FF,O,ITV FF,O O​
​BUAD 120 Starting a Small Business​ 3 units​ ​FF,O O​
Required for Major: 17 units

Key to table abbreviations

O = Course is Offered Online 
ITV = Course is offered through Interactive Video 
​FF = Course is offered Face to Face (in-person)
HYB = Hybrid