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ART-1Introduction to Art3 N54  
ART-110Mixed Media: Works on Paper2 Y1854 
ART-12Beginning Form, Design and Color3 Y2781 
ART-121Illustration2 Y1854 
ART-122Portrait Painting2 Y1854 
ART-123Landscape Painting2 Y1854 
ART-126Nature in Watercolor2 Y1854 
ART-13Intermediate Form, Design and Color3 Y2781 
ART-15Three Dimensional Design3 N2781 
ART-16Pencil Rendering2 N1854 
ART-17Shades, Shadows & Perspectives3 Y2781 
ART-2Western Art Through the Gothic Period3 Y54  
ART-21ABeginning Freehand Drawing3 Y2781 
ART-21BIntermediate Freehand Drawing3 Y2781 
ART-23Pen, Brush and Ink2 N1854 
ART-26ABeginning Watercolor3 Y2781 
ART-26BIntermediate Watercolor3 Y2781 
ART-26CAdvanced Intermediate Watercolor3 Y2781 
ART-26DAdvanced Watercolor3 Y2781 
ART-29ABeginning Painting3 N2781 
ART-29BIntermediate Painting3 N2781 
ART-29CAdvanced Intermediate Painting3 N2781 
ART-29DAdvanced Painting3 N2781 
ART-3Western Art, Renaissance to Contemporary3 Y54  
ART-301Beg/Int/Adv Drawing/Painting-Mixed Media  Y 6 
ART-31ABeginning Figure Drawing3 N2781 
ART-31BIntermediate Figure Drawing3 N2781 
ART-31CAdvanced Intermediate Figure Drawing3 N2781 
ART-31DAdvanced Figure Drawing3 N2781 
ART-35ABeginning Ceramics3 Y2781 
ART-35BIntermediate Ceramics3 Y2781 
ART-37Sculptural Ceramics3 Y2781 
ART-4World Art3 N54  
ART-45Beginning Glass3 Y2781 
ART-46Glass Blowing3 Y2781 
ART-50ABeginning Printmaking3 Y2781 
ART-50BIntermediate Printmaking3 Y2781 
ART-50CAdvanced Printmaking3 Y2781 
ART-55ABeginning Sculpture3 N2781 
ART-55BIntermediate Sculpture3 N2781 
ART-55CAdvanced Sculpture3 N2781 
ART-57Sculptural Glass3 N2781 
ART-6History of Modern Art3 N54  
ART-70ABeginning Digital Photography3 Y2781 
ART-70BIntermediate Digital Photography3 Y2781 
ART-70CAdv Intermediate Digital Photography3 Y2781 
ART-70DAdvanced Digital Photography3 Y2781 
ART-72Introduction to Digital Art3 Y2781 
ART-80AGraphic Design3 Y2781 
ART-80BIntermediate Graphic Design3 Y2781