Art Gallery

Located in building 300 the Shasta College Art Gallery has become one of the Art Department's strongest programs. Offering six exhibitions annually the gallery features art work by nationally and internationally renowned artists as well as the annual faculty and student shows. Seen as an educational program the gallery, which opened in its present location in 1968, offers students first hand exposure to relevant and important artists, galleries, collections, and art educational programs.

Through the gallery program the Shasta College Art Department has formed a substantial art collection. This original print and small painting collection adds to the educational experience for the art student at Shasta College. Works in the collection are used as examples in the classroom as well as periodically exhibited at Shasta College and other venues.

The exhibition program the Shasta College Art Department has been able to bring to the college and the north state such exhibits as Wayne Thiebaud Paintings, Clayton Bailey Sculpture, Bay Area Painters, Northern California Paper Makers and Jacob Lawrence Works on Paper.

Current Art Gallery Exhibit:

Art of Kevin Bean

Image by Kevin Bean
"G&C (11.0812)"
Acrylic on Canvas
Dimension: 76" x 70"
Date: 2011

Art of Kevin Bean

Mar. 3 - April 11, Art Gallery Building 300

The artist Enrique Chagoya characterizes Kevin Bean’s recent paintings as “an explosion of geometric shapes and color that invite the viewers to engage in a journey to a world without reference to anything but itself.”
Stripped of any reference to the real world, Bean explores the freedom of what painting can be.

(In addition to the regular 9am-4pm hours, the gallery is also open on Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm-9pm) 

   For more information please call the Art Department at
 (530) 242-7571 or D. Gentry at (530) 242-5370