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Effective September 1, 2016, all adults employed or volunteering over the age of eighteen will be required to have MMR, TDAP, and Influenza immunizations in order to provide care and supervision to childrem in group care. These immunizations will be required for all students taking ECE 7, ECE 8, ECE 20, ECE 60, and ECE 94 beginning in the Fall 2016 semester. Please see your healthcare provider or call Public Health in your area to obtain these immunizations. 

Early Childhood Education Instructional

The Program
The Early Childhood Education (ECE) Program prepares students to become teachers and directors in programs for young children. The college courses focus on training for careers in programs including preschool education, child care centers, school-age child care, infant care, and family child care.

Associate in Science Degree
The program includes courses required for working in both private and publicly-funded children’s programs.
Completion of the recommended sequence of courses leading to an Associate in Science Degree, plus additional work experience, qualifies the student to apply for the Child Development Teacher Permit, issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

ECE Certificate.pdfECE Certificate

ECE AS Degree.pdfECE AS Degree

ECE AS-T Degree-rev 4-16.pdfECE AS-T Degree                                  

Full Time Faculty

Pictures of full time instructors
2012 Kate            
     Lorraine Haas Photo   Debbie Whitmer Staff Photo

Kate Ashbey   

         Lorraine Haas                               Debbie Whitmer                

ECE Student Club (ECEN)

Early Childhood Education students can gain leadership skills through participation in our student club, the Early Childhood Educators’ Network (ECEN). Club members participate in professional development activities both on the campus and in the community.

ECEN Calendar. 2016-2017 Meetings.pdfECEN Calendar. 2016-2017 Meetings.pdf

Early Childhood Education Center Lab School

The Early Childhood Education (ECE) Center provides a developmentally appropriate, research based program for the optimal learning environment for college students and children ages 3-Pre-K. The ECE Center operates as a child development laboratory offering age appropriate experiences for children as well as observation opportunities and hands-on training for college students. 

For more information view our ECE Brochure 

Pictures of Core ECE Staff


Teahcer Wendy                                                     


2012 Karen                                                      


         Teacher Diana

Wendy Petersen
ECE Center Teacher

Karen Sinderson
 ECE Center Teacher

      Diana Stenen
    ECE Center Teacher


Jane Ann Bosworth


Kathleen Tibbals
      ECE Center Director      

Jane Ann Bosworth
ECE Paraprofessional