Family Studies and Services

Family picnicShasta College offers two options in the Family Studies area:

  • Associate in Science Degree - Family Studies
  • Certificate - Life Management

AS Degree - Family Studies

This program is designed to provide students with foundational skills and knowledge about human actions and interaction within the primary social, cultural and economic unit in our society - the family. Individual and family issues that arise from changing societal patterns have created a vast need for a variety of support services.

Students with an A.S. Degree will have the opportunity to enter the Human Services field in a number of paraprofessional positions and/or be prepared, with additional coursework, to transfer to a four-year college or university for a Bachelor of Social Work Degree.

To earn an A.S. Degree in Family Studies, students must complete all the required courses listed in the current online version of Shasta College's catalog.

Program Topics

  • Child, Adolescent, and Adult Development
  • Family Systems
  • Aging Dynamics
  • Social & Cultural Influences
  • Community Resources
  • Careers in Human Services
  • Professional Standards and Practices
  • Goal Setting
  • Decision-Making
  • Money Management
  • Nutrition and Wellness
  • Stress Management

Opportunities for employment in Northern California could be with:

  • Adult Service Agencies
  • Federal State, and County Agencies
  • Numerous Family Support Agencies
  • Health Services
  • Children's Service Agencies
  • Adult Service Agencies
  • Private Companies
  • Senior Programs
  • Recovery Centers
  • Education Providers

Certificate - Life Management

This certificate is designed to provide students with the information, perceptions, and skills necessary to move toward responsible independence and effective interpersonal relationships. Resources such as time, money, and energy will be stressed along with the study of the physical, mental, emotional, and social needs of all ages. This curriculum is pivotal in preparing individuals to balance personal, family and work responsibilities throughout the life cycle.

Work-Site Learning

The Family Studies work-site learning component allows the student to gain on-the-job experience through employment/volunteerism at an approved job site that is acquired by the student and related to the student's major. A faculty member supervises all work-site learning courses to ensure that the work experience is of educational value. The courses stress good work habits and meeting of competencies through actual on the job performance. A student may earn up to 16 units through repeating this course since course content caries and skills are enhanced by supervised repetition and practice. A maximum of 8 units may be earned in a single semester. In order to complete registration for a Worksite Learning course the student must attend one of the orientation meetings listed in the Shasta College Course Schedule. The faculty member will provide an add slip registration form that must be submitted to Admissions and Records for enrollment. It is critical to verify that the course section number corresponding to the number of units attempted is correct in order to be awarded the units based on the number of hours or employment per semester. Please see below.
Fall Semester​ ​ Spring Semester​ ​
Units  Sections Units Sections
1 F0945 1 S2544
2 F0946 2 S2545
3 F0947 3 S2546
4 F0948 4 S2547
5 F2229 5 S2422
6 F2289 6 S2423
7 F2449 7 S2424
8 F2749 8 S2425