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MUS-1Music Fundamentals3 Y54  
MUS-10Music Appreciation3 Y54  
MUS-11History of Jazz and Early Rock3 N54  
MUS-14World Music3 N54  
MUS-15History of Rock3 N54  
MUS-16History of Jazz3 N54  
MUS-2Diatonic Harmony and Musicianship4 Y72  
MUS-21ABeginning Guitar1 Y927 
MUS-21BIntermediate Guitar1 Y927 
MUS-21CAdvanced Intermediate Guitar1 Y927 
MUS-21DAdvanced Guitar1 Y927 
MUS-22ABeginning Piano1 Y927 
MUS-22BIntermediate Piano1 Y927 
MUS-22CAdvanced Intermediate Piano1 Y927 
MUS-22DAdvanced Piano1 Y927 
MUS-25ABeginning Strings1 Y927 
MUS-25BIntermediate Strings1 Y927 
MUS-25CAdvanced Intermediate Strings1 Y927 
MUS-25DAdvanced Strings1 Y927 
MUS-29Beginning Voice1 N927 
MUS-3Advanced Diatonic Harmony & Musicianship4 Y72  
MUS-30Intermediate Voice1 Y927 
MUS-301Orchestra for Seniors  Y 54 
MUS-302Symphonic Band for Seniors  Y 54 
MUS-303Music for Seniors  Y 54 
MUS-31Chamber Choir1 N 54 
MUS-33Jazz Ensemble1 N 54 
MUS-35Vocal Jazz Ensemble1 N 54 
MUS-4Chromatic Harmony4 Y72  
MUS-40Concert Choir1 N 54 
MUS-42Shasta College Chorale1 N 54 
MUS-43Shasta College Symphony Orchestra1 Y 54 
MUS-44Shasta College Concert Orchestra.51Y 27 
MUS-46Shasta College Symphonic Band1 N 54 
MUS-47Shasta College Jazz Ensemble1 N 54 
MUS-48Applied Music.5 N 27 
MUS-5Twentieth Century Harmony4 Y72  
MUS-50Vocal Institute13N927 
MUS-51Opera in Performance13N 54 
MUS-61ABeginning Performance Analysis.5 Y 27 
MUS-61BIntermediate Performance Analysis.5 N 27 
MUS-61CAdv Intermediate Performance Analysis.5 N 27 
MUS-61DAdvanced Performance Analysis.5 N 27 
MUS-64Beginning Keyboard Skills1 Y 54 
MUS-65Intermediate Keyboard Skills1 Y 54 
MUS-66Advanced-Intermediate Keyboard Skills1 Y 54 
MUS-67Advanced Keyboard Skills1 Y 54