Associate in Arts for Transfer: Theatre Arts


The Theatre Arts program is academically grounded in the liberal arts tradition of literature, performance, cultural studies, history, philosophy, and technical skills. It also provides a hands-on, learn-by-doing environment that gives students experiences and skills to complement many career paths. Employers find theatre trained applicants become valuable employees because they have developed excellent communication and problem- solving skills, confidence, and the ability to work cooperatively with a diverse team of people. 

This degree is approved through the California Community College Chancellor’s Office. Upon satisfactory completion of all degree requirements and filing an application for graduation with Admissions and Records, the student’s transcript will reflect completion of this degree. 


Upon successful completion of this degree, the student will be able to: 

  1. Describe the basic elements of dramatic structure and analyze the dramatic components in a theatrical production. 
  2. Select appropriate monologues and prepare them as audition pieces. 
  3. Investigate the themes and dramaturgy of the Greek, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, Elizabethan, Jacobean and Restoration periods of theatre history and compare and contrast those periods through discussion, papers, and performance analysis. 
  4. Identify and apply the major components of stagecraft in the implementation of scenery, lighting, costume, make-up, special effects, and production management. 
  5. Investigate the social, political, and spiritual objectives of theatrical performance through discussions and papers that deal with gender, politics, and religion. 
  6. Evaluate dramatic scripts relative to historical context and contemporary relevance.
  7. Develop cooperation skills in working with people from diverse cultures.
  8. Transfer to a California State University with a major in Theatre Arts.


In addition to the 37-39 unit general education pattern for CSU or IGETC, students must complete the core courses listed below for the Associate in Arts in Communication Studies for Transfer Degree. Students must also obtain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 and a C or better in each major course. A “P” (Pass) grade is not an acceptable grade for courses in this major.

Suggested Sequences of Classes for Associate in Science in Agricultural-Business

Semester Offered\Method of Instruction
Semester 1 (Fall) 
Course Course Name Units Fall Spring Summer
THTR 1 Introduction to Theatre Arts 3 units FF,ITV FF
Semester 2 (Spring)
THTR 12 Acting I 2 units FF FF
THTR 16 Acting Lab 1 unit FF FF
Semester 3 (Fall)
Choose any one course from List A 3 units

Choose any one course from List B 3 units
Semester 4 (Spring)

Choose any two courses from List B
6 units

List A
THTR 23 Mainstage Production I 3 units FF

THTR 26 Mainstage Production II 3 units FF FF
THTR 41 Theatre Lab 3 units FF

​THTR 42 Technical Stage Production​ 3 units FF FF
​THTR 50 Rehearsal and Performance​ 3 units FF
​THTR 70 Repertory Theatre I​ 3 units FF FF
​THTR 74 Repertory Theatre - Technical​ 3 units FF FF
List B
THTR 30 Stagecraft 3 units

THTR 31 Introduction to Theatrical Design 3 units
THTR 34 and
Make-up and Make-up Lab 3 units FF FF
​THTR 81 Playwriting and Script Analysis​ 3 units​
​1-3 units
Required for Major: 18 units
Additional General Ed Total: 37-39 units
General Electives: 6-8 units
                                                                    Degree Total = 60**

Key to table abbreviations

O = Course is Offered Online 
ITV = Course is offered through Interactive Video 
FF = Course is offered Face to Face (in-person)
HYB = Hybrid

May be used to fulfill IGETC requirements. See a counselor

**Please Note: Number will vary depending on units that double count