Emissions Training

Shasta College offers the training to become a licensed smog technician  This includes Level 1 Inspector training, Level 2 Inspector training and the Update Training Courses. We use BAR-97 Technology including lab scopes and chassis dynamometers. We are recognized by the Bureau of Automotive Repair as a basic, advanced, and update training site.

The Engine and Emission Control Training is intended to provide students with fundamental 
knowledge of engine and emission control theory, design and operation. Students who 
successfully complete this training at a BAR-certified school will have met the first step of the 
Bureau of Automotive Repair’s training requirements for inexperienced or minimally experienced 
candidates for the Smog Check Inspector license. 
The Level 1 & Level 2 Inspector training is  combined with Auto 10, Auto 20 and Auto 21. To pass this training, a student must successfully complete the written examination (passing score determined by school) and successfully complete all hands-on assessments. Instructors must “sign-off” each student as they complete the required hands-on assessments. 

E-mail or call Dan Bryant at (530) 242-2211 for more details.
Smog Referee 
The Shasta County Smog Check Referee Center is located at Shasta College's Automotive Program in building 2400.  To make an appointment with the Smog Check Referee, call the Scheduling Center at 1-800-622-7733.  An appropriate fee will be charged for Smog Check inspections or services performed at a Consumer Assistance and Referee Center.
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