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FIRS-100Fire Company Oprtns-Certification Prep1.5 Y1827 
FIRS-102IHC Leadership Development1.5 Y1827 
FIRS-103Fire Fighter 1 Certification Examination1 Y 54 
FIRS-104Firefighter I Academy21 N235450 
FIRS-105Driver/Oper 1A Emerg Vehicle Operations1.5 Y1827 
FIRS-106Driver/Operator 1B: Pump Operations1.5 Y1827 
FIRS-108Firefighter II4 N5070 
FIRS-109Company Officer 2A, Human Resource Mgmt2 Y40  
FIRS-113Fire Crew Supervisor1 Y927 
FIRS-116Engine Academy3 Y3654 
FIRS-118Introduction to Wildland Firefighting2 Y2727 
FIRS-120Incident Command System ICS-200.5 Y18  
FIRS-135Inter ICS:Expanding Incidents I-3001.5 Y27  
FIRS-136Advanced Incident Command System I-4001 Y18  
FIRS-137Fire Fighter Survival1 Y18  
FIRS-138HazMat First Responder Operations1 Y18  
FIRS-139HAZMAT 1st Responder Ops-Level Refresh.5 Y9  
FIRS-145Low Angle Rescue.5 Y 27 
FIRS-146Standard for Survival1 Y18  
FIRS-147Confined Space Awareness and Rescue.5 Y9  
FIRS-148Rescue Systems I1.5 Y1827 
FIRS-149Auto Extrication.5 Y915 
FIRS-151Fire Control 1: Basic Fire Chemistry1 Y18  
FIRS-152Fire Ctrl 2: Basic Operations-Structural1 Y18  
FIRS-153Fire Cntrl 3B: Struct Live Fire in Sim1 Y18  
FIRS-154Fire Control 4: Gas/Oil Firefighting.5 Y99 
FIRS-156Fire Control 6: Wildland Fire Essentials1 Y18  
FIRS-158Pump Operations.5 Y99 
FIRS-165Fireline Leadership L-3802.5 Y40  
FIRS-166Incident Leadership L-3812 Y40  
FIRS-182Company Officer 2B Gen Admin Functions1 Y20  
FIRS-183Compoffcr2c,fireinspections&investigatns2 Y40  
FIRS-185Fire Command 2A, Tactics at Major Fires1.5 Y1827 
FIRS-186Comp. Officer 2E, Wildland Incident Ops1.5 N2812 
FIRS-187Company Officer 2D, All-Risk Command Ops2 Y40  
FIRS-189Fire Investigation 1A2 Y40  
FIRS-191Fire Investigation 1B2 N369 
FIRS-192Fire Invstgtn 1C: Prep for Lgl PrceedngsĂ˝Fire Invstgtn 1C:PREP for Lgl Proceedngs1.5 Y1827 
FIRS-193Instructor I: Instructional Methodolgy1.5 N1827 
FIRS-194Instructor II: Instructional Developmnt1.5 N1827 
FIRS-305Driver/Operator 1A: Emrgncy Vehicle Ops  Y1827 
FIRS-306Driver/Operator 1B: Pump Operations  Y1827 
FIRS-335Inter ICS:Expanding Incidents I-300  Y27  
FIRS-338Hazmat First Responder Operations  Y18  
FIRS-341Fire Fighter Survival  Y99 
FIRS-360Live Fire Trng, Basic Structurals Ops  Y99 
FIRS-361Rope Rigging for Rescue  Y99 
FIRS-362Basic Fire Behavior and Chemistry  Y18  
FIRS-363Basic Structural Operations  Y18  
FIRS-397Fire Acad. Physical Fitness Training  Y1020 
FIRS-398Fire Academy Orientation  Y16  
FIRS-70Fire Protection Organization3 N54  
FIRS-71Fire Behavior and Combustion3 N54  
FIRS-72Fire Prevention Technology3 N54  
FIRS-73Wildland Firefighter I Academy6 Y54162 
FIRS-74Fire Protection Equipment & Systems3 Y54  
FIRS-79Fundamentals of Personal Fire Safety3 Y54  
FIRS-86Bldg Construction for Fire Protection3 N54  
FIRS-94Firefighter Trainee Worksite Learning18N  75