(CNC Operator Certificate less than 18 units)
The CNC Operators Program is designed to prepare students for positions in a variety of service and
manufacturing industries requiring technically trained and/or certified operators. The program is
designed to prepare students for the opportunity to become entry level CNC operators.

Program Learning Outcomes:

1. Student will safely use manual machine tools to produce a part within specified tolerances.
2. Students will be able to interpret blueprints and use precision measurements to correctly layout a
3. Students will be able to program a CNC vertical mill using G-code to drill precision holes.
4. Students will be able to set-up CNC milling and turning equipment utilizing proper work-holding
techniques, and load a program for production.
          Core Courses                                                                              Units
INDE 101           Industrial Trade Basics                                                   3
INDE 45             Introduction to Manual Machining                                   3
INDE 46             Introduction to CNC Machining                                       3
WELD 118         Blueprint and Specification Reading (Mechanical)          2
WELD 73           Structural Steel Metal Fabrication                                   3
MATH 100         Technical Applications of Mathematics                            3
                                                                     Total                                     17


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