What Forestry Is & What Foresters Do!

Forestry is no longer simply about logging trees.  Foresters must be trained in ecology, wildlife management, environmental policy and regulations, and a wide variety of environmentally-related issues.  Today, this new forestry must focus on the ecosystem as a whole while realizing we still need to provide a myriad of values from our forests.  Such values include biodiversity, clean air, clean water, and recreation in addition to providing wood products.  By properly applying ecological principles to manage our forests, we can enhance biodiversity and lessen the impact of our consumption of forests around the world.

 Career Options in Forestry/Natural Resources  

  Ecological restoration    Biomass foresters    Timber management foresters

  Water production foresters    Resource protection

  Wildlife habitat management     Fire management     Urban foresters

  Computer modeling foresters     Range management    Research foresters

  Environmental planners     Logging engineer     Wilderness manager

  Park ranger    Silviculturist   Fisheries    Watershed manager

  Game warden    Outdoor interpretation     and much much more!


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