Natural Resources and Forestry Science

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Why Not Forestry? 

A large percentage of the current work force in Forestry and Natural Resources jobs are nearing retirement age.  Retirements within the Federal Government, State Agencies, and private industry are creating a shortage of qualified entry-level foresters.  As this trend continues, it will create even greater challenges to the Forest industry.  The greatest threat to providing our society with forest products may be not having enough qualified Forestry graduates to fill the increasing number of vacancies caused by retirement.  In addition, we have seen declining enrollments in Forestry programs and the continued loss of Forestry Technician programs at Community Colleges. Careers in natural resources continue to show a bright future due to an expanding populations in the Pacific Northwest placing more emphasis on sustainable management of the resource base. Urban sprawl, water use, ecosystem restoration, wildfire, pollution, and the loss of biodiversity are a few of the issues that are increasing the complexity of how California's resources that can best be utilized while preserving them for future generations. There is a need for everyone to understand a balanced and multiple use role of our diminishing resources in a global economy. 

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