Natural Resources and Forestry Science


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The Forestry and Natural Resources Program:
·         Offers students a chance to work in a diverse and growing career area
·         Provides a curriculum that allows students to learn through hands-on field experience
·         Allows students the ability to work towards a career in the outdoors
A large percentage of the current work force in Forestry and Natural Resources jobs are nearing retirement age.  Retirements within the Federal Government, State Agencies, and private industry are creating a shortage of qualified entry-level foresters and natural resource technicians.  As this trend continues, it will create even greater challenges to the forest and natural resources industries.  Careers in natural resources continue to show a bright future due to an expanding human population, urban sprawl, water use, ecosystem restoration, wildfire, pollution, and the loss of biodiversity.  A multitude of issues are increasing the complexity of how state, federal, and global resources that can best be utilized while preserving them for future generations.
For more information, contact:
Melissa Markee
Forestry and Natural Resources Instructor
(530) 242-2298

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