Financial Aid


As a BOLD participant, you would be taking four one-unit Student Development (STU) classes at Shasta College (one class each term that you are a university student).  Each one-unit class costs $86.50 ($46/unit fee + $40.50 campus fees); the first 100 BOLD Students will have their Shasta College BOLD STU courses paid for by the Shasta College Foundation. You can apply for the BOG Fee Waiver for these classes by submitting the BOG Fee Waiver Application or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you are taking additional coursework at Shasta to complete major pre-requisites or transfer admissions requirements, and want to be considered for additional financial aid, make sure you submit the FAFSA*. 

Note: you can receive the BOG Fee Waiver from Shasta College at the same time you are receiving federal or state financial aid from your university. However, you cannot receive federal or state financial aid from Shasta College AND your university at the same time.  If you are taking coursework other than the 1-unit STU classes at Shasta College while you are enrolled at your university and receiving financial aid from the university, please talk to the BOLD Coordinator


​Any financial aid for your Bachelor's degree coursework at your university will be handled by your university's financial aid office.  Make sure you submit the FAFSA* and include your university on the list of schools that should receive your financial information, and follow up on any processes your university's financial aid office requires.


Living at home while you attend Shasta College in order to complete your Associate degree can save you money.  Living at home while you use an online or local Bachelor's degree completion program and the BOLD Support Program can save you a LOT of money.  Look at the PDF below for more details.

*If you are an AB540 student, submit the CA DREAM Application instead of the FAFSA​