Classes, Cohorts, and Support

Information Session details​.

BOLD CLASSES The BOLD program consists of four 1-unit Shasta College Student Development classes that help you navigate​ your university experience and create your plan for career transition. These classes are fully online, but there is an in-person orientation at the begining of each semester (January 12, 2018 for spring semester). This in-person orientation gives you an opportunity to meet other BOLD students and your instructor so you start building your support system from the beginning!

Course​ ​Description
STU 40: ​Getting ​​Connected to Your University ​Step by step guidance through learning the in’s and out’s of your particular university (online library, academic and career supports for online students, financial aid, academic advising).  All the things you should be doing anyway (we help you make sure you do)​.
STU 41: Career Focus ​You’ve chosen to major in your particular major because you are interested in a particular career. We want to make sure you have researched that option as well as a couple of others, looked into opportunities in our local economic region, and start networking with other professionals.
STU 44: Career Worksite Readiness ​As you get closer to finishing your Bachelor’s degree, we want to make sure you have a clear plan for your job search (or promotion plan), have your resume up to date, know how to write an effective cover letter, and feel comfortable with interviews.
STU 45: Graduate/ Professional Student Success ​Do you need to go on to graduate/professional school?  Do you want to? How you find, apply to, choose, and pay for graduate/professional school will be covered in this class.
BOLD COHORT "A group of students who start and complete an academic program together."  Taking the four BOLD STU classes together creates a cohort among the students in the BOLD program. Research has shown that being part of a cohort helps students be more successful in reaching their academic goals; the cohort becomes your peer support group.

BOLD SUPPORT Enrolling in the 1-unit classes allows you to continue to use Shasta College learning facilities (tutoring centers, the library, the computer labs, the free internet). Whether you are in Weaverville, Burney, Redding, Corning, or even further away, Shasta College will continue to be your "home base" while you work on your Bachelor's degree through your chosen university.

The first 100 BOLD students will have the unit fee and campus fee for the 1-unit Shasta College STU classes paid for by the Shasta College Foundation.  Sign up now to be part of the first 100 students!  ​​​​​​​​