Cohorts and Support

BOLD will launch in Spring 2018. Information Session details​.

What do you mean by "BOLD Cohorts and Support?"

COHORT: A group of students who start and complete an academic program together.  Research has shown that being part of a cohort helps students be more successful in reaching their academic goals; the cohort becomes your peer support group. You encourage others when things get tough for them, and they keep you motivated. In turn, you celebrate each other's successes!

We are creating a series of 1-unit Shasta College Student Development classes that will form a cohort for you, help you navigate​ your university experience, and make your transition to your new career. They are:
  • STU 40: ​Getting Connected to Your University
  • STU 41: Career Focus
  • STU 42: Career Worksite Readiness
  • STU 43: Success in Graduate/Professional School
SUPPORT: Access to Shasta College resources and facilities:
  • Enrolling in the 1-unit classes allows you to continue to use Shasta College learning facilities (tutoring centers, the library, the computer labs, the free internet). Whether you are in Weaverville, Burney, Redding or Corning, Shasta College will continue to be your "home" while you do your Bachelor's degree.
The first 100 BOLD students will have the unit fee and campus fee for the 1-unit Shasta College STU classes paid for by the Shasta College Foundation.  Sign up now to be part of the first 100 students!  ​​​​​​​​