​Major Maps for Nursing Pathways

There are a number of ways to pursue your RN licensure.  You can complete an Associate Degree of Nursing (ADN) degree at Shasta College, or you can complete nursing program pre-requisites at Shasta and then transfer to a university to complete your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).  You could complete your ADN at Shasta and then transfer to a university to complete an "RN to BSN" program (typically these programs are online). If you have already completed a Bachelor's degree, even in a non-health major, you can pursue the ADN degree at Shasta College to gain your RN licensure.

All roads lead to a student becoming eligible to take the NCLEX, the RN licensing exam.  We have worked with the Shasta College Nursing Faculty as well as the Nursing Counselor, Mindy Marlatt, to develop the following "major maps."  These maps are NOT intended to replace meeting with your counselor; they give you a starting point for that conversation with Mindy.  She will discuss your goals with you, evaluate any prior college coursework you have completed and help you develop a personalized educational plan ("ed plan"). 
You can make an appointment with Mindy Marlatt by calling the Counseling Center at 530-242-7724. 

Students with no (or very few) college units:
ADN Students needing BSN pre-requisites:
​​​Students who have completed a Bachelor's degree: