What is BOLD?

BOLD will launch in Spring 2018.  Information sessions

We know that there are a lot of students in our north state area that want to complete their Bachelor's degree but for a variety of reasons (work, family, personal), don't want to leave the area.

BOLD is pairing Shasta College Associate degrees with specific online or in-person Bachelor degree completion programs offered through public or private universities so that you can find streamlined and affordable pathways to help you achieve your educational and career goals. 

We focused on specific majors that will enable students to find living-wage, professional-level entry position in your field in the local economy upon completion of a Bachelor’s degree. Four-year institutions have been identified for accessibility and quality, including factors such as multiple entry points during the year, affordability, length of time to degree, and regional accreditation. 

The Shasta College BOLD program will offer 1-unit Student Development classes you enroll in while you are a university student. These classes allows students to develop a BOLD cohort  and access Shasta College campus resources (tutoring centers, the library, computer labs/internet, health center and more). 

Shasta College has been your "home" for your Associate degree; we want you to feel at home with us while you work on your Bachelor's through a university!