Here are some Teaching and Learning Resources that have been vetted and might be useful.

The CWSEI was founded at the University of British Columbia by Carl Wieman (Physics Nobel Prize 2001) to develop, implement and evaluated effective, evidence-based instructional methods in post-secondary science education. This website has lots of good resources about how students learn, effective pedagogical methods, current discipline-based educational research, and much more.  
The CU-SEI partners with the CWSEI and also has lots of good resources about effective, research-based teaching and learning. (Carl Wieman was professor at the University of Colorado before founding the CWSEI and moving to UBC.)
Also founded by Carl Wieman , the PhET Project at the University of Colorado creates and hosts free, interactive, research-based simulations to help students learn biology, chemistry, earth science, physics and mathematics. Learning activities and other resources for teachers are available on the PhET website as well.