American Government

This one semester class prepares the students for their future role as a citizen in the United States. Topics from the Founding Fathers and our Constitution to models of governments from the around the world are taught. Some activities include a civic participation requirement, simulations, and current affairs discussions.


This class is a semester course that covers both macro and microeconomics. There are many opportunities for the student to gather knowledge on practical applications of economics in their future. Major units include the study of the Stock Market, business organizations, governmental policies and global economics.

CSU Expository Reading and Writing 

Designed to meet the senior year English requirement, this course emphasizes the MLA research paper, timed writing, analysis, grammar usage and writing style. Students will also improve their oral communication skills through writing and presenting various speeches including informative and persuasive.

Study Lab

Students in this course have a supervised daily hour in the learning center on campus. Here they may use their time to read, research, study, get tutorial help or use one of the tutorial centers from the different college centers.