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Interactive Television, also referred to as ITV or teleconferencing, is a form of distance education that provides opportunities for students located outside of Redding to participate in classes that might not otherwise be available. Shasta College made a commitment many years ago to serve the entire tri-county district as efficiently and effectively as possible. ITV has proven its ability to do so.

State-of-the-art telecommunications technology allows courses to originate from any of the Redding, Tehama, Trinity, or Intermountain campuses and be simultaneously broadcast to multiple distant sites. Through two-way audio/video interactivity, distant site students are able to participate in class discussions, conduct oral presentations, view multimedia presentations, or simply hear an instructor’s lecture as if present in the same room. 

To see what ITV classes are planned for the upcoming semesters, check out the tentative 2-year ITV Sequence-F13-S15.pdf2-year ITV Sequence (F13-S15). The courses provide you with the opportunity to pursue and complete several options, including an Associate of Arts or Science degree in various disciplines. Provided you meet certain requirements, you can accomplish your objective in just two years or will have the opportunity to complete many of the courses necessary for a variety of transfer and non-transfer degree programs. Check out the entire tentative schedule.

For more information about the specifics of the program, contact the Distance Education Counselor at or call your local Extended Education Campus to make an appointment.

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