Drop Form and Procedure

Adding and Dropping Students

All students are responsible for insuring they are registered for any classes they are attending.

Faculty cannot add students to their roster at any time. Students must officially “Add” through the Admissions and Records or Extended Education Office and pay all required fees to be “official” on the class roster.

Students wishing to “drop” a class or who are no longer attending a class are responsible for completing a drop form with the Admissions and Records or any Extended Education Campus, or officially drop the class using MyShasta. It is not faculty’s responsibility to drop students from a class.

Faculty members are required to note on their census roster if a student has never attended their course prior to the census date.


  • No drops will be backdated
  • No drops will be permitted after the “w” drop date
  • No drops will be permitted on the final grade rosters


Instructor Initiated Drops

After Census Day, the instructor can initiate a drop of a student between the no record drop deadline and the “W” drop deadline by completing an “Instructor-Initiated Drop” form and submitting it directly to the Admissions and Records or Extended Education Campus Office.

*Students are ultimately responsible for dropping a class as detailed in the college Schedule of Classes, the Catalog, and other registration-related materials.​