ITV Print Orders

Your sites CANNOT bear the burden of printing for your classes--you MUST send your print orders to the Print Shop. In order to expedite print orders for Extended Education, the best policy is to send them via email to and follow the steps below. 
  1. Fill out the provided form, making sure it is the proper form for your originating site.
    • Date Submitted: This section should automatically populate with the date you are accessing the form. If not, manually enter the current date.
    • Instructor & Class & Document title: For example, "Smith ENGL 280 Novel Quiz #3." 
    • # of Originals: How many pages your original document is (back to back counts as 2).
    • # of Copies Needed: Total number of copies you need printed.
    •  ITV Distrbution Instructions: Next to each site, list the number of copies are to be sent to each site (aka how many students there are at each site). All of these numbers added up should be equal to the # of Copies Needed.
    • Instructions for ITV Staff: If your print order is for a quiz or test, MAKE SURE TO FILL OUT THIS INFORMATION COMPLETELY. Click the word "choose" next to each option, and a dropdown menu will appear. Select the correct option for your quiz or test needs.
    • Date & Time to be Handed Out to Class: ALWAYS provide the date AND time in this section. This is how the secretaries know when print orders needed to be handed out at other sites, and by providing both the date AND the time of your class, you save them a lot of time looking up your class information.
    • Any additional Instructions: If you have any additional instructions or notes for the print order, type them in this section.
    • If you would like to specify any other instructions, such as printing back-to-back or corner staple, click the box next to the option you would like to select. An 'x' will appear, marking your selection.
  2. Send an email to and attach BOTH the print order form and the document you wish to be printed. Make sure to cc: and your originating site
**If you are NOT an ITV instructor, but you originate from Tehama, Trinity, or Intermountain, you may still use these forms. However, rather than listing numbers next to each site, place an 'x' next to the site where you need the print order sent. All copies you request will be sent there. Instructions for ITV Staff, Date & Time to be Handed Out to Class, and Any Additional Instructions sections do not need to be filled out.**