Teaching with ITV

Hello Instructors!

For those returning veterans, thank you for coming back. Many of you are already familiar with most, if not all, of the procedures outlined below, but please take this opportunity to refresh your memories regarding ITV teaching and procedures.

For those new to the ITV teaching experience, here are a few tips that may help you along the way.


Tips for ITV Success: 

Perhaps the greatest challenge in teaching an ITV class is classroom management. Without you standing directly in front of the students at a remote site, some students may attempt to take advantage of your absence.  Words of advice: set firm but reasonable expectations with your students immediately.  It is much easier to strict guidelines at the beginning and then offer a little forgiveness later than it is to be too lenient in the beginning and face a lack of respect when you need it. If you do have issues with a disruptive student that you’re unable to resolve, you can contact Andy Fields for assistance.

The ITV classroom has its own unique dynamics and logistical challenges.  This requires that you plan further ahead in order to ensure the class materials are available for the students in the remote locations. Located further down in this document under Courier Schedule is a copy of the ITV bin delivery schedule—all of the print orders you send to the Print Shop will be delivered through the bins, as will any graded work you drop off at your site’s office. Always remember to keep in mind the delays delivery might cause, and plan accordingly.


ITV Class Intro: 

If you prefer, at the beginning of the semester an Extended Ed. Staff member will provide a short (3-5 minute) intro to your class regarding the ITV classroom environment: how to use the microphones, how the classroom and cameras work, the roll sheets, how to mail class work/homework to you, the classroom rules, what to do if they have technical issues at their site, etc.

If you’re interested, let the ITV Senior Staff Secretary know by calling 242-7781 or emailing ITV-Redding@shastacollege.edu, and she will get it scheduled.  Since we frequently have multiple classes starting at the same time, the staff member may arrive to address your class a few minutes into the class session. If you have questions or this may be problematic for the structure of your class, please let SheyeAnne know that as well. We have found that the introduction provides a good foundation and enables the students to achieve greater success in the ITV class. Our whole goal is to do everything we can to help you and your students have a successful and positive experience in ITV.


Waitlist Procedure: 

If any students are given permission to enroll in your class from the waitlist, a list of those students needs to be given to the ITV or Campus Secretary at your location. She will then e-mail the other sites the list so students can register for your class from the respective locations.


Electronic Devices: 

Signs are displayed throughout the classrooms, but please be sure to remind your class. It is important that no cell phones or other unauthorized electronic devices are to be left on during class. Even on silent or in airplane mode, the transmissions from the phones often interfere with the audio transmission for the class, causing loud crackling and/or feedback. Sometimes your location will hear it; sometimes the other sites are the ones to hear the feedback; sometimes all sites are affected.  Please be sure to remind your students of this rule, and if you experience audio problems, to first try reminding the students to completely turn off their cell phones.


Food and Drink: 

The ITV classroom is not the place for either food or drink. Spills and messes can be disruptive and hazardous to the electronics and the furniture. Only capped, bottled water is allowed.


Communication is the Key! 

The Extended Education staff will primarily use your Shasta College email to communicate with you, as will your students. Shasta College provides email addresses for all faculty members (first initial, last name @shastacollege.edu – example:jsmith@shastacollege.edu). It is HIGHLY recommended that you check your email daily, if not even more often. It is also recommended that you include your email address on your syllabus for students to contact you. Your Shasta College email account can be accessed from any computer off campus using Internet Explorer and the Shasta College Homepage. 


Instructor Mailboxes: 

Each semester, Extended Education campus and ITV office has mailboxes set up for instructors that teach from that campus. All materials received from the outlying areas will be placed in your mailboxes accordingly. This includes any print orders that you send to the Print Shop. Please check your mail boxes daily (or at least as frequently as the days you teach). Outgoing mail should be placed in the bin provided in the ITV office or at the designated location within your campus.


Courier Schedule:   

Courier bins leave the Redding ITV Office at 7a.m. daily. Please refer to the ITV Bin Delivery Schedule below for more detail.

Bin Delivery Pic.JPG


Print orders and Distribution to sites: 

It is extremely important to PLAN AHEAD when you have class handouts or exams that need to be printed and distributed. Print orders may take up to 5 business days turn around. Sometimes we are very lucky and receive items back from the Print Shop much sooner than that, but please keep these timelines in mind.

Print orders are emailed directly to the Printshop (Printshop@shastacollege.edu) and cc’d to the ITV Office: ITV-Redding@shastacollege.edu. There is a print order form in .doc format under Faculty Resources on the Extended Education webpage (shastacollege.edu/exted) for your convenience. This has been reformatted for ITV, and includes things such as how many copies should be sent to each sites, what date you want it given to your students, if you need a proctor if it’s a test, etc. Please make sure to always provide the correct distribution numbers for each site and to date and mark the specifications needed for any tests, quizzes, and handouts.


Call for Proctors: 

Please notify the ITV Office and/or the Extended Education campus if a proctor is required for an exam. Please allow a minimum of 2 business days notification since we must try to coordinate limited resources among so many classes.


ITV Instructor Equipment:  

Perhaps the most important piece of equipment you will use to control your class is the control panel located on the Instructor Station. This is used to control the camera view and additional equipment. If you would like a refresher course on using the equipment, please contact your campus secretary. She will gladly set up a time to review this with you. Also please note we now have a step-by-step touch panel tutorial (with corresponding images) for your convenience. It can be found under Faculty Resources on the Extended Education webpage (shastacollege.edu/exted). There will be a copy of this placed in the classrooms for quick reference as well.



We depend on the communication between you, the Extended Education staff, and the students to make the ITV classroom experience both positive and successful.  Please contact the ITV Office or Extended Education campus staff if you have any technical difficulties or questions; there is someone here to help you until 10pm, so please don’t hesitate to ask. 


Extended Education—ITV Office (Room 2143)             (530) 242-7750  

Intermountain Campus (Burney)                                    (530) 335-2311 

Tehama Campus (Red Bluff)                                           (530) 529-8980 

Trinity Campus (Weaverville)                                          (530) 623-2231 



On behalf of the entire Extended Education staff, we look forward to another successful semester working with you.