Visiting Other Campuses

While one of the major benefits of ITV is being able to reach students in other locations across significant distance, the distance can also be one of the frustrations. Luckily, Extended Education highly encourages its instructors to visit other campuses and instruct from there during each semester, and will even reimburse mileage for one trip to each of the other sites.

To take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, follow the below steps:
  1. Email your site secretary or stop by in person to ask about the feasibility of instructing from other sites. Your class has to be in a room with Sending capabilities in order to instruct from that site, and not all rooms have both Send and Receive capabilities. However, if you ask your site secretary to check and you find out your class is in a Receive-only room at a site, sometimes classes can be switched around for the day, allowing you to use a Send/Receive room to instruct. 
  2. Email Andy Fields at with the dates you would like to visit each site. All mileage reimbursement requests are subject to Dean approval.
  3. Once you have Dean approval, forward the approved request to your originating site, making sure to always copy Our ITV Technician will change your ITV conference settings for each day so your connection will automatically reflect where you will be instructing.
  4. Notify your students that you will be instructing from other sites. 
  5. On the day of travel, use the Business Office's Mileage Short Form to track your mileage for the trip. (If you are traveling to multiple sites within a short period of time, you can use the same form to record multiple visits if you wish. If the visits are weeks apart, however, please fill out separate forms in order to be reimbursed for each visit sooner, and so that Extended Education maintains an accurate reflection of the resources remaining for the semester.
  6. After your trip(s), submit the mileage forms to your site secretary. The site secretary will forward the forms to Nancy, the Dean's Administrative Assistant. 
  7. Nancy will process the mileage forms and you will be reimbursed in a payment SEPARATE from your normal paycheck. You will normally receive your reimbursement within two weeks.

*Please note that there is always the possibility that expenses will arise that make it impossible to approve mileage reimbursement for other site trips later in the semester. This is not always the case, but is possible, and it can’t be predicted. 

Reimbursement for mileage can only be provided for one visit to each other site per semester. For example, an instructor originating in Redding with students enrolled in sections in Tehama, Trinity, and Intermountain can ask for approval to be reimbursed for mileage on for trips to each site: up to three (3) mileage trips, one for Tehama, one for Trinity, and one for Intermountain. 

Instructors wishing to instruct from other sites more often than this are welcome to do so, and only need to notify the sites ahead of time so that the ITV technician can make the necessary changes to the ITV connection. However, additional trips will not be reimbursed, and instructors will bear the expense.