Shasta College Intermountain Campus

Shasta College Intermountain Campus building 


Shasta College Intermountain Campus
37581 Mountain View Road
Burney, CA 96013
Phone: (530) 242-7750 Ext. 3





Office Hours:
Monday/Wednesday: 10:00AM  8:00PM
Tuesday/Thursday: 11:00
AM - 9:00PM
Friday: 8:55AM - 12
Monday-Thursday: 8:45AM-7:45PM
Friday: Closed
DECEMBER 24, 2018-JANUARY 18, 2019
MAY 27, 2019-JUNE 7, 2019
(Campus closed: December 24-January 1)
Monday-Friday: 8:30AM-5:30PM

Directions to Intermountain Campus

 Download Intermountain Campus Map (PDF)


Welcome to Shasta College’s Intermountain Campus, established at its new site in Fall 2004. Nestled in the small community adjacent to Burney High School on Mountain View Road, the Intermountain Campus serves and supports many of the surrounding communities as well. The on-site facilities include an office for student and faculty support, an assessment center, a faculty and counseling office, and three interactive television (ITV) classrooms designed to accommodate a variety of educational needs.

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Spring 2018 Class Schedule


Intermountain Campus Services​

 The Intermountain Campus offers a wide range of services to help you earn a degree, certificate, or simply take classes for personal or professional interest. In addition to regular orientations, assessments, and registration periods for the new student, Shasta College offers counseling (academic, personal, and career) services for the continuing students as well as 

Students in the Burney area have access to more than 40 classes to choose from each semester. It is that simple and that easy to gain an excellent education through Shasta College's Intermountain Campus. Save both time AND money by getting your education close to home while gaining the skills and knowledge you need to embark on the next chapter of your life!​​​