Shasta College Trinity CampusShasta College Trinity Campus  

30 Arbuckle Ct. Weaverville, CA 96093 Phone (530) 623-2231 Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 8am - 9:30pm Friday  8am - 4:30pm

Directions to Trinity Campus

In Fall 2008, Shasta College’s longstanding campus on Miner Street next to the Post Office in Weaverville was replaced by the new Trinity Campus, a college-owned state-of-the-art facility boasting high-tech classrooms and computer labs to support growing needs throughout Trinity County. Situated adjacent to the Trinity Alps Performing Arts Center, the new campus affords the opportunity to expand the college’s service to the community while nestled amidst the beauty of the Trinity Alps.

To Get Started

If you haven’t already done so, the first step is to apply for admission to Shasta College either online or at the Trinity Campus. Then, follow the simple checklist below.

  • Get scheduled for the assessment.
  • Meet with the Trinity Campus or online counselor.
  • Get scheduled for an orientation.
  • Request and forward your official high school or other college transcripts.
  • Register for classes online at My Shasta.

Educational Programs

The Trinity Campus uses a variety of instructional modes to deliver courses to the residents of Trinity County as well as those in neighboring Hoopa. Using traditional face-to-face instruction as well as the college’s extensive ITV network and expanding online system, you are able to take a class (or two or three) in a variety of disciplines and earn your degree in two years. With the new facility, some of the areas highlighted for the Trinity Campus include

  • Administration of Justice Degree
    You have the opportunity to receive occupational training and develop skills for both the entrance and promotional levels of AOJ agencies and allied services. Using the ITV network, students can also fulfill the requirements to transfer to a four-year college known as Associate Degree for Transfer.
  • Business Administration Degree
    Whether you’re planning to work in the public or private sector, the Trinity Campus offers a broad range of courses to improve your employability. Human relations, marketing, business math and English, accounting…it’s all here. And you can also earn an Associate Degree for Transfer to a California State University program.
  • Early Childhood Education Certificate and Degree
    The development of our children is influenced by the learning opportunities provided by those entrusted with their care. Focusing on training in preschools, childcare, and infant-toddler and school age care, the college curriculum provides the breadth and depth to a rewarding career. There is even the opportunity to earn an Associate Degree for Transfer in Early Childhood Education.
  • Family Studies Degree
    This degree is designed to provide students with foundational skills and knowledge about human actions and interaction within the primary social, cultural and economic unit in our society - the family. You will have the opportunity to enter the Human Services field in a number of paraprofessional positions and/or be prepared, with additional coursework, to transfer to a four-year college or university for a Bachelor of Social Work Degree
  • Liberal Studies – Teaching Prep Degree
    If you’re planning to become an elementary school teacher, this University Studies degree is the program for you. The Liberal Studies emphasis prepares you to transfer to campuses of the CSU system and work towards your multiple subject credential.


The Trinity Campus offers a wide range of services to help you earn a degree, certificate, or simply take classes for personal or professional interest. In addition to regular orientations, assessments, and registration periods for the new student, Shasta College offers counseling (academic, personal, and career) services for the continuing students as well as

In other words, there is no reason to go anywhere else. And choose from more than 40 courses each semester.

It’s that simple. The Trinity Campus is available as your one stop resource. Save time by taking classes close to home. Save money by taking classes close to home. Save time AND money by getting your education close to home.