Educational Programs

Due to the variety of face-to-face, ITV, and online classes now offered to Shasta College students, Extended Education students now have the ability to obtain various different degrees and certificates. Some of the potential disciplines are listed below:

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Career and Technical Education (CTE) Degrees
CTE Degrees offer you skills that lead directly into the workforce.

  • A.S. Administration of Justice Degree 
    You have the opportunity to receive occupational training and develop skills for both the entrance and promotional levels of AOJ agencies and allied services. Using the ITV network, students can also fulfill the requirements to transfer to a four-year college known as Associate Degree for Transfer.
  • A.S. Administrative Office Professional Degree
    For this degree, you also will need to take 23 units of OAS online.
  • A.S. Business Degree
    Whether you’re planning to work in the public or private sector, Extended Education offers a broad range of courses to improve your employability. Human relations, marketing, business math and English, accounting…it’s all here. And you can also earn an Associate Degree for Transfer to a California State University program. For this degree, you'll also need to take 15 units of online courses. See the ITV 2 Year Sequence for details regarding which classes. 
  • A.S. Business  Accounting Degree
    For this degree, you will also need to take 11 units of online courses. See the ITV 2 Year Sequence​ for details regarding which classes.
  • A.S. Early Childhood Education Certificate and Degree
    The development of our children is influenced by the learning opportunities provided by those entrusted with their care. Focusing on training in preschools, childcare, and infant-toddler and school age care, the college curriculum provides the breadth and depth to a rewarding career. There is even the opportunity to earn an Associate Degree for Transfer in Early Childhood Education.
  • A.S. Family Studies Degree
    This degree is designed to provide students with foundational skills and knowledge about human actions and interaction within the primary social, cultural and economic unit in our society - the family. You will have the opportunity to enter the Human Services field in a number of paraprofessional positions and/or be prepared, with additional coursework, to transfer to a four-year college or university for a Bachelor of Social Work Degree
Transfer Degrees


For more information about what ITV classes are offered, take a look at the ITV 2 Year Sequence.​​
You can also see which classes are available at each Extended Education campus for the upcoming semester:
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