Student Guidelines

 Thank you for taking an ITV class!  Here are some guidelines for participating in an ITV classroom:

  1. ​Just like in a traditional classroom, please do not speak when the faculty member is speaking.  This is respectful for other students in addition to the faculty member.
  2. Either the faculty or a staff member will monitor all tests, quizzes, and exams. District policies related to cheating apply to ITV classrooms.
  3. Roll will be taken at each site and sent to the faculty member. Students are expected to attend for the duration of the class and to fully participate in learning activities. 
  4. To ask a question or respond to the instructor:
    • Activate the microphone in front of you by pressing down where it says “PUSH” at the bottom of the Mic.  The green LED will light up. Speak in a normal voice and everyone at each of the other sites will hear you.  When you are finished speaking, the green LED should be off to minimize disruption to others.
    • Be courteous and aware when others are speaking. When you activate the microphone, other sites can hear you talking.
    • It is okay to interrupt. There is a short delay (1 second) from the time you begin speaking and the time the instructor can hear you. If you activate the microphone waiting for acknowledgement, the instructor may not notice your face on his/her monitor. The instructor cannot always see students at the far end of the room, so the distant student may need to interrupt the class proceedings to state a question. 
  5. ​Remember that the cameras are live at all times; other students and faculty at the other sites will be able to see and hear you.  The signal is not broadcasted elsewhere.
  6. It is important to respect and protect the equipment and classroom by not placing your feet on any of the furnishings, being gentle with the equipment, not bringing food into the classroom or any beverage that does not have a twist top, and turning off cell phones so that they don’t interfere with the signal.
  7. Faculty members can be contacted for assistance outside of class time by a variety of means, including telephone and e-mail. Please see your class syllabus for details about office hours and other ways to connect with faculty.  Also, please check with the Learning Center and/or tutors on campus for tutoring, learning, or other skill building needs. We are here for your success and can conduct tutoring sessions online or via Zoom.

If you have any concerns or need assistance with any matter regarding the ITV system, please call the ITV Office on the Redding campus at (530) 242-7750 ext. 1, or send an e-mail to ITV-​​.   

Revised August 9, 2019