Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, multiple attempts were made by the various fire department organizations in Shasta County to secure grant funding for a regional fire training center through local philanthropic efforts. In the north state much of the technical training needed was unavailable and departments were forced to send employees’ out of the area at extremely high costs. The costs were so high that it limited the number of employees that could be sent for the training, if they could afford to send any at all. So, in 1998, the Shasta College Regional Fire Training Center Advisory Committee was formed to bring together regional fire organizations from Shasta, Trinity, and Tehama counties to even further organize the effort. However, as their efforts increased so did the training requirements, and fewer and fewer departments were able to maintain what was needed on their own. Their strenuous attempts failed time and time again and a deteriorating economy forced the hopes for a much-needed facility to be placed on hold.  Grant funding to support such a project required better times and a fine tuned proposal that had yet to be made.      

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