Medical Assisting Program
Core Program Courses

Students in the Medical Assisting Program will be required to successfully complete the following courses in progressive order in order to apply to be certified as a Medical Assistant.



Program Sequence
Semester One
Course Title
Semester Units
ALH 101 Medical Assisting Core
ALH 102 Administrative Medical Assisting
Semester Two
Course Title
Semester Units
ALH 103 Clinical Medical Assisting I
ALH 104 Clinical Medical Assisting II
Semester Three (180 hours)*
Course Title
Semester Units
ALH 107 Medical Assisting Professional Development
ALH 94 Medical Assisting Clinical Experience
* Students should begin budgeting for the 180 hour externship as soon as possible. Students are not paid during externship. Students will be required to attend externship from 8 am to 5 pm Monday – Friday for approximately 5 weeks.
Program courses                                                                                                                   27.5 units
Total for Certificate of Achievement                                                                        27.5 units
NOTE:  In order to progress through the program courses, students must demonstrate competence in each of the courses.  Failing or Withdrawing from any one of the semester’s co-requisite courses requires withdrawal from all of that semester’s co-requisite courses.
Students who withdraw from a class may request ONE re-enrollment in the program. Students who wish to remain eligible for re-entry upon withdrawal for academic insufficiency must meet with their course faculty and the Dean prior to withdrawing to establish a remediation plan specifying actions that must be completed to establish eligibility for re-entry. Students who withdraw for academic insufficiency must complete their remediation contract and request re-enrollment within one year of leaving the program. The request letter must document completion of the remediation contract. Students activate the re-enrollment process by submitting a letter to the Medical Assisting Program Director.
As letters requesting re-enrollment are received, students are added to the re-enrollment list of the respective term in the order they are received. Students will be eligible for re-enrollment on a space available basis.
When a student is offered a re-enrollment space they have the option to decline the space one time. When they decline the space their name will be moved to the bottom of the re-enrollment list, their new date will be the date they declined re-enrollment. If the student declines re-enrollment a second time they will be removed from the re-enrollment list and will not be eligible to return to the Shasta College Medical Assisting program. Students must re-enroll within 1 year (two semesters) of withdrawal.
Students who fail or are dismissed from the program are not eligible for re-entry. Students who do not complete their required re-entry remediation plan established with course faculty prior to withdrawal will not be granted Re-Enrollment.


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