Medical Assisting (MA)

Welcome to the Medical Assisting Program at Shasta College!

This handbook is a guide to the policies, requirements, and expectations of the program. It clarifies the standards we expect of you in your conduct as a student. Please read and keep this Handbook with you to reference throughout the program. Students are responsible for following all of the guidelines, policies, and procedures outlined in this program handbook, as well as those outlined in the Shasta College Catalog.

In order to gain proficiency in skills and to have the most authentic experience, students will be practicing skills on each other under the supervision of course faculty. Students do get up close and personal with their classmates! Such skills include EKG and venipuncture. Please speak to your instructor if you are feeling particularly anxious.

Program of Study

  • Program Description
  • Program Requirements and Course Sequence
  • Preparing for Externship
  • Abscences - Illness, Injury, Surgical Procedures, Pregnancy
  • Course Withdrawal
    • Instructor Initiated Drop
    • Extenuating Circumstances
    • Course Repetition
  • Expected Student Behaviors
  • Student Grievance Procedure
  • Costs of the MA Program
    • Externship
  • Certification Fees
  • Textbooks & Required Materials
  • Student Communication
  • Parking
  • Children on Campus
  • Cell Phones/Pagers
  • School/Clinical Cancellation
  • Learning Resource Center
  • Health Services
  • Educational Assistance
  • Academic Accomodations Imposed by a Disability
  • Health Sciences Counselor
  • More Information

Program Practice Policies

While enrolled in the Medical Assisting Program, all students are obligated to abide by the established Program Practice Policies, including any revisions that are made to the policies.

The following policies are addressed/referenced in the MA Student Handbook: