Nurse Assistant and Home Health Aide (NA/HHA)

There are two courses (Nurse Assistant and Home Health Aide) that fit the following description.  Students enrolling in either of the courses must complete Health & Safety Clinical Requirements before enrollment.  In addition,  all students enrolling in the NA and/or HHA courses must be fingerprinted and cleared of all criminal convictions before they can be certified.

HEOC 130 Nurse Assistant is an 11 unit course consisting of a total of 126 hours of lecture and 256 hours of clinical experience. 

HEOC 131 Home Health Aide is a 1.5 unit course consisting of a total of 20 hours of lecture and 27 hours of clinical experience.

These courses are offered in the Fall and Spring semesters.

These courses are designed to prepare students to perform the basic nursing skills required in acute hospitals, long-term facilities, and home health agencies.  Special emphasis is placed on health care provisions and modifications in the community health care settings.  The State Department of Health approves these courses, and certificates will be issued upon successful completion of the courses.  Students are then eligible for the state competency exam.