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Programs in the Health Sciences Division prepare students for careers in healthcare.  All of our programs include clinical experiences as an essential component of the program.  In order to provide opportunities to adequately learn necessary skills and apply theory in an actual clinical setting, we partner with healthcare agencies in our community (acute care hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics, and a variety of other specialty agencies) for clinical experiences within their organizations.  These clinical sites have requirements for their employees and any persons in their facilities that are interacting with their patients or clients.  Included in our partner clinical agreements are clinical requirements for our students.  These clinical requirements are not imposed by Shasta College Health Sciences but by our clinical partners.  While failure to meet these requirements does not disqualify a student from any of our healthcare programs, it will limit the opportunity to participate in the clinical experiences that are required; and therefore make it impossible to complete the program.

All Health Science program students must comply with program Health and Safet
y Requirements prior to and continuously while enrolled.  Students will be required to submit documentation of all completed clinical requirements by the deadline established in their communications from the Health Sciences Division.  Complete documentation of requirements must be filed with the Health Sciences division office and kept current during enrollment.

In the interest of your own personal safety, the safety of your patients, and other healthcare providers, there are specific health and physical requirements that must be met before your admission to the program is finalized.​

NA/HHA Program Specific Requirements 
There are two parts to completing the necessary Health and Safety Clinical Requirements for the Nurse Assistant and Home Health Aide (NA/HHA) courses.

Part 1 - To Be Considered for Enrollment (click on link for instructions)
A complete Part 1 Pre-Enrollment Packet must be submitted to the Health Sciences office to be considered for enrollment. 

This packet requires completion of:

  • Annual Influenza Vaccine
  • TB Screening (Step 1 of 2-step process)
  • CPR Certification
  • Technical Standards Disclosure Form
  • Confidential App

Part 2 - Time Sensitive Clinical Requirements for Class​ (click on link for instructions)
The Part 2 Pre-Enrollment Packet is to be completed when directed by the Health Sciences office. Items in this packet are time-sensitive. Do not complete until directed by the Health Sciences office.

This packet requires completion of:

  • ​Physical Examination
  • TB Screening (Step 2 of 2-step process)
  • TB Questionnaire
  • Drug Screening
  • Criminal Background Screening (Live Scan fingerprinting)
  • Registration & Enrollment

​​​​​​ ​ ​NA/HHA Health & Safety Requirements Forms
These links direct you to all of the forms you will need to complete your Health and Safety Clinical Requirements:​​​​​ ​

Complete Part 1 Pre-Enrollment Packet

​​Complete Part 2 Pre-Enrollment Packet

CPR Resources

Technical Standards Form

Confidential App

Health Data & Physical Exam Form

TB Questionnaire​

NA/HHA Health & Safety Requirements Policies/Procedures
The following policies and procedures apply to program Health & Safety Clinical Requirements:​​​​​ ​​​​ ​

​Clinical Requirements Policy

Background Check & Drug Screening

Drug Screening Procedure

Criminal Background Check Procedure

Pre-Enrollment Criminal Background Check & Drug Screening Policy​

Criminal Background Check & Drug Screening Policy (Enrolled Students)​

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