Nurse Assistant/Home Health Aide


A complete Part 1 Pre-Enrollment packet must be on file at the Health Sciences office to be considered for enrollment into the Nurse Assistant/Home Health Aide (NA/HHA) program. Documentation for these Clinical Requirements must be submitted as a complete packet in a large envelope. Records will not be accepted separately

Packet Instructions

  1. ​Print the Part 1 Pre-Enrollment Packet. Use the Pre-Enrollment Clinical Requirements Checklist (page 1) as a guide in completing all the steps. 
  2. Proceed with Steps A-D.
    • ​Step A - Influenza Vaccination/TB Screening: Complete Step 1 of the 2-step TB screening. Document TB Screening results and Influenza vaccine on the NA/HHA Clinical Requirements Documentation form. (Attach supporting documentation, including TB Screening results and proof of flu vaccine administration.)
    • Step B - CPR Certification: Provide a copy of the front and back of your CPR card.
      NOTE: Online CPR courses will not be accepted. Please see our CPR Resources Information page for CPR certification requirements. CPR certification must be valid throughout the course in which you are enrolling.
    • Step C - Technical Standards: Document on the Technical Standards form. Review the standards and initial each of the areas in which compliance with standard is possible. Nursing is a physically demanding profession; students should be prepared to meet the technical standards necessary to perform the functions of nursing.
    • Step D - Confidential Application for Clinical Practice: Document on the Confidential App form. This form is the initial step to completing the criminal background check. This form discloses to Shasta College (confidentially) the existence of any criminal convictions. 
  3. When complete, bring your materials to the Health Sciences Division office.​
Once all the required documentation has been received by the Health Sciences office, staff will review the materials and verify completion. Your name will be added to the Class Working List based on the date you submitted the complete Part 1 packet. When a class position is available for you, the Health Sciences office will email you a Class Invitation.

The Part 2 Pre-Enrollment Packet is time-sensitive and should not be completed until directed by the Health Sciences office. Students who have been offered enrollment will be emailed instructions when it is time to complete the Part 2 packet.

​ ​NA/HHA Health & Safety Requirements Forms
These links direct you to all of the forms you will need to complete your Health and Safety Clinical Requirements:​​​​​ ​

Complete Part 1 Pre-Enrollment Packet

​​Complete Part 2 Pre-Enrollment Packet

Technical Standards Form​