Nurse Assistant and Home Health Aide (NA/HHA) Courses


The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) requires the applicant to disclose prior misdemeanor and felony convictions.  The applicant must explain the circumstances of the conviction and provide documentation of rehabilitation.  The CDPH considers the nature and severity of the offense, subsequent acts, recency of acts or crimes, compliance with court sanctions, and evidence of rehabilitation in determining eligibility for certification.  Some convictions may disqualify individuals from certification.
Any applicants who have a previous conviction must be cleared by the California Department of Public Health prior to certification. For individuals (potential students) who have any convictions, or have questions about their ability to obtain the Live Scan/DOJ background clearance, they can request an "inquiry" with the California Department of Public Health.
                                              Background Inquiry Instructions
In compliance with Health and Safety Code section 1338.5, subdivision (a)(3), (Chapter 74, statutes of 2006 (A.B. 1807) the program must submit Live Scan (electronic fingerprints) to the Department of Justice for criminal clearance 10 days prior to the student’s first day of class.  The college is responsible for the costs associated with Live Scan process.  The Live Scan must be obtained from either Accu-Print or the Shasta County Sherriff’s office in Redding using a transmittal form that will be provided to the student following receipt of a clear drug screen.
                                  Criminal Background Check/Live Scan Procedure  
In order to participate in the clinical experiences of the Nurse Assistant and/or Home Health Aide courses, students must be cleared by the Department of Health.  Verification will be obtained by the Health Sciences office prior to clinical placement.  Students not cleared will be dropped from the program prior to clinical experience.
For questions concerning eligibility to participate in clinical experiences at the local health facilities, the applicant may contact the Health Sciences office to schedule a meeting with the Dean of Health Sciences & University Programs (530-339-3606) for a confidential review and discussion of individual circumstances.



Drug Screening

All NA and HHA students are required to submit drug screening following course registration.  This screening should not be done until registration for the class has been completed. 

Shasta College and the Health Sciences department maintain a no tolerance policy regarding substance abuse when participating in Health Sciences programs.  A student with a positive drug screen will be denied participation and placement at a clinical agency and withdrawal from the program will be necessary. 

Additionally, students must agree at time of admission into the program to be drug tested at any time while in the program and any evidence of substance abuse will result in immediate administrative dismissal from the program.  Drug screening must be done at a lab in Redding designated by the Health Sciences Division.  Students are responsible for the cost of all drug screenings.

Drug Screening Procedure 
  NA/HHA Clinical Requirements Packet


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