Nurse Assistant and Home Health Aide (NA/HHA) Courses
 Clinical Requirements Packet

There are two parts to completing the necessary clinical requirements for the NA and/or HHA courses.
Part 1 - Eligibility for Addition to the Class Working List  (click on link for instructions)
Part 1 of the Clinical Requirements must be complete and submitted to the Health Sciences office to be eligible to be added to the class working list.  

 Part 2 - Time Sensitive Clinical Requirements for Class  (click on link for instructions)
Based on the Working List, students will be sent an invitation to enroll with a deadline for responding to the invitation. 

Should you be experiencing extenuating circumstances over which you have no control such that you are unable to enter the program at this time, the NA and HHA courses policy allows a postponement one time only.  The request to defer (postpone) must be made prior to the deadline given for Enrollment Invitation responses.  Names of those applicants who request postponements will be moved to the bottom of the Wait List.

Applicants who accept the invitation to enroll by the established response deadline and subsequently decline to enter the class prior to the first day of class, will be removed from the Wait List.

If you have chosen to accept the invitation, you must complete the Part 2 - Time Sensitive Clinical Requirements by the deadline established in your Invitation letter. We will flag your student account to allow you to enroll online and provide you the appropriate section number via e-mail.  You must register for the class online by deadline given in your Enrollment letter.  You will be required to pay for the course at the time of registration in order to complete the process. 


These links contain all of the forms you will need to complete your Clinical Requirements: