Nurse Assistant and Home Health Aide (NA/HHA) Courses
Part 2 - Time-Sensitive Clinical Requirements Packet

As class positions become available (based on the class working list), you will be offered an invitation to the program.  When you accept the invitation for a class position by submitting the online form (the link will be provided in your invitation to the program via email), the Health Sciences office will activate your class position so that at the appointed time you may register.  Registration may be completed online or face-to-face in Admissions & Records but it must be done by the deadline provided in your Enrollment letter. 

You will need to complete Part II - Time Sensitive Components of the Clinical Requirements by the deadline established in your Enrollment letter.  If you do submit your documents by that date, your class position will be offered to the next person on the class working list.

Print Part 2-Time-Sensitive CR Checklist to use as your guide in completing Steps F- L.  These steps are time-sensitive and should be completed ONLY when you have been instructed by the Health Sciences Division.

Step F - Physical Exam The required physical examination must be completed within 90 days prior to starting clinical. The results of the physical examination must be documented on the Shasta College Health Data/Physical Exam form. The front page of the Health Data form is to be completed by you and the back page by your healthcare provider - be sure to take the form with you to your exam appointment. 

Step G - Tb Screening Your second TB screening is required within 90 days prior to starting clinical. The Tb screening results will be documented on the Clinical Requirements Documentation Form and on the 2-Step Tuberculosis Screening & Questionnaire form

Step H - Drug Screening - It is important for you to follow the Step-By-Step Instructions for completing the Drug Screening. Proceed with this step ONLY when you have been accepted into the class, have registered and received detailed instructions.  The Drug Screening cost is $25.00 paid by the student at the designated lab in Redding.  Cash is preferred.

Step I - Completed Registration/Enrollment into Courses - Specific course section numbers will be provided in your Enrollment letter via email. You will need to register for those specific course sections by the deadline disclosed in your Enrollment letter. If you do not register by that date, your class position will be offered to the next person on the class working list

***Steps J-K are necessary to complete Step L and require original documentation, copies will not be accepted.

Step J - Valid State Picture Identification - i.e., Driver's License/State ID (you must bring this with you) 

Step K - Original Social Security Card - you must bring your card with you for verification

Step L - Criminal Background Screening - Once the Health Sciences office has received the results from the Drug Screening (Step H) and determines clearance, you will be given instructions and the Live Scan form to proceed with Step L - Criminal Background Screening (Live Scan). This step also has very specific instructions that you must follow explicitly.  The criminal background check (Live Scan) must be completed by the deadline provided to you in your Enrollment Invitation letter.

The steps in the process are based the clinical requirements policy.  More detailed information is included in clinical requirements and immunization instructions. 

These links contain all of the forms you will need to complete Part 2 - Time Sensitive Clinical Requirements:

Part-2 Time-Sensitive CR Checklist

Health Data Form/Physical Examination  

Tuberculosis Screening & Questionnaire Form

Criminal Background Check & Drug Screening Instructions  

Drug Screening Procedure

Criminal Background Screening Procedure

Pre-Enrollment Criminal Background and Drug Screening Policy



Technical Standards

Health & Safety Clinical Requirements

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