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The Part 2 Pre-Enrollment Packet is time-sensitive. Do not complete the packet until directed by the Health Sciences office. Students who have been offered a class invitation, will be sent an email notification with instructions for completing the Part 2 Pre-Enrollment packet. The packet must be completed by the deadline specified in the email instructions.

Packet Instructions

  1. ​Print the Part 2 Pre-Enrollment Packet. Use the Part 2 Pre-Enrollment Checklist (page 1) as a guide in completing all the steps. 
  2. Proceed with Steps F-J.
  3. When complete, bring your materials to the Health Sciences Division office.​ (Be sure to bring your social security card and a valid state ID with you to the Health Sciences office as they will be needed to complete the remaining steps).
  4. The Health Sciences office will give you further directions and assistance in completing the remaining steps (Steps K-L).
    • Step K - Registration/Enrollment: The Health Sciences office will activate your class position and email you specific registration information. Registration may be completed online or in-person in Admissions and Records.
    • Step L - Criminal Background Screening (Live Scan Fingerprinting): Directions and the Live Scan form will be provided by the Health Sciences department when Steps F-J are on file.

​ ​NA/HHA Health & Safety Requirements Forms
These links direct you to all of the forms you will need to complete your Health and Safety Clinical Requirements:​​​​​ ​

Complete Part 1 Pre-Enrollment Packet

​​Complete Part 2 Pre-Enrollment Packet

Health Data & Physical Exam Form

TB Questionnaire​​

Student Data Form 

Drug Screening Instructions​

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