Dental Hygiene Program
Student Handbook

Professional Attitude and Standards
It is expected that Dental Hygiene students demonstrate professional demeanor, ethics, and respect toward patients, staff, faculty, and classmates at all times.  Examples of unacceptable behavior include yet are not limited to: heated verbal arguments, gossip, rude behavior or attitude. (See College Catalog “Student Code of Conduct” – Board Policy 5500)

Faculty and staff are here to assist in the students’ success.  Part of success includes learning from mistakes, thus are also viewed as positive experiences.  It is the philosophy of the SCDH Program that all conflicts are resolvable and students are expected to follow the parameters of communication to resolve all issues while enrolled in the SCDH Program. 

Professional Work Habits
Students are responsible for assisting in maintaining and keeping the clinic stations and the entire clinic in order.  Remember that the community observes this clinic.  The recommended philosophy is that you leave the clinic in better shape than you found it.

It is not acceptable to misuse or damage any equipment in the facility.  If unsure as to how equipment is operated or maintained, please seek assistance from the instructional paraprofessional, or the program director.   

Professional Appearance
As a health care professional, it is important that you present to your patients, instructors, and peers, a positive image of those qualities representative of a dental hygienist.  Part of this image is reflected in your personal appearance and dress.  Patients often form a first impression based on the physical appearance of their clinician and tend to develop more trust in a person who looks clean, neat, and professional.  As a dental hygienist, you are also a role model to other health professionals and members of the community.

To assist you in developing an appropriate professional appearance, a Dress Code Standard has been established and addresses the attire appropriate for the various educational settings in both clinic and classroom sessions during your dental hygiene education.

Dental Hygiene students are responsible for adhering to the established Dress Code Standard in both the classroom and the clinic setting.   

Clinical Practice Management Standards 


Dental Hygiene Student Handbook 
 Dental Hygiene Dress Code Standard