Dental Hygiene program
Student Handbook


Welcome to the Associate of Science Degree Dental Hygiene Program at Shasta College!
As you begin your dental hygiene courses, we hope that you will each experience the challenges and rewards you have anticipated.  Each faculty and staff member is here to assist you in meeting your goal of becoming a registered dental hygienist.  Please feel free to meet with faculty or the program director when needed.
This Student Handbook has been developed as an introduction of some expectations. Enrolled students will receive a Student Handbook during the first week of Fall classes that will encompass program policies that have been developed by the program faculty and administration.  All enrolled students are expected to adhere to the policies within this document and all documents/manuals associated with the dental hygiene program.


Program Learning Outcomes

General Program Standards

Organizational/Communication Chart 


General Considerations

Policies Referenced in Student Handbook:  

Students entering the Dental Hygiene program, must submit the Policy Acknowledgment form online indicating that they have read, understand and agree to abide by the policies of the program by the deadline established for submission of  their clinical requirements packet.

Students entering the Dental Hygiene Program must print and sign the following forms and submit them with the Clinical Requirements Packet on the date specified for the class. 



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