Dental Hygiene Program
Student Handbook

Student Communication
Students must maintain a current telephone number and address with their clinical instructors and the Health Sciences and University Programs office.  Any changes in contact information should be communicated by submitting the Contact Information Change Form.  

Class bulletin boards are provided to assist with information dissemination.  Professional orgranization communications, course communications, and other notices will be posted on these boards. 

A class meeting will be held monthly to discuss the needs or concerns of the class. Each semester a student representative will be elected by the class. Student representative duties include attendance at monthly faculty meetings, leading class meetings, communicating class concerns and needs to the faculty, and communicating the faculty response back to the students. Students are also encouraged to individually communicate with appropriate faculty as the need arises.

Parking for the Health Sciences and University Programs falls under City of Redding regulations. Please only park in areas designated for public parking.

The college insurance does not cover injury involving a vehicle driven to and from a clinical setting.

Children on Campus
Children are not allowed in classroom or clinical settings.  Students are expected to arrange for appropriate child care.

Cellular Phones:  Students with cell phones are to turn them off during class, clinic and lab courses. Emergency calls only can be received at the front desk and they will be forwarded to the student immediately. For non-emergency calls please have family members call your cell phone. Cell phone use is allowed when students are on break, lunch, before or after classes.

School/Clinical Cancellation
Each class will develop a telephone tree in order to facilitate the communication to everyone in the event of a change or cancellation of school activities. The instructor will call the first person on the rotation schedule. That person will call the next person listed and so on. If the next person does not personally answer the telephone, the student should call the next person so that the message reaches the other students.

On occasion school is cancelled due to weather conditions. Currently the college announces cancellations on local radio stations. If the instructor is notified of the cancellation, the student will be contacted. In some instances, the student will have to determine on their own whether it is safe to travel to the clinical area. If the college is closed mid-shift the remainder of clinical will be cancelled.

All attempts will be made to inform students in advance when the facility needs to close due to faculty / staff meetings on the main campus.

No alcoholic beverages are allowed on school property.

Tobacco Restrictions
(See College Catalog “Smoking and Tobacco Use Restrictions” Board Policy # 3555)

  • No use of tobacco products is permitted within any college owned and/or leased facility.
  • No use of tobacco products is permitted on the grounds of any college-operated athletic field or facility.
  • No use of tobacco products is permitted in any college-owned vehicles.
  • The sale of tobacco products on all college-owned and/or lease property is prohibited.
  • Use of tobacco products on college-owned or leased property is permitted only in special designated areas.

For dental hygiene students who are tobacco users, the designated smoking area is on outside the south entrance of the Health Sciences and University Center (at least 20 feet from the entrance).


Dental Hygiene Student Handbook 
General Facility Standards