Dental Hygiene
Program Learning Outcomes (PLO)

The curriculum and clinical experiences of the Shasta College Dental Hygiene program equip the student with the professional knowledge, judgment and ability to provide quality oral health care based on the scientific and theoretical principles relevant to the Dental Hygiene Profession.  Participation in the program's courses will prepare the student to perform routine dental hygiene procedures, advanced non-surgical periodontal therapy procedures, delivery of local anesthesia, administration of nitrous oxide sedation and other functions as specified by the California State Board of Dental Examiners. 

With that solid foundation, the dental hygiene student is challenged to a commitment of life-long learning, self-evaluation and contribution to the changing health needs of society. 

Shasta College Dental Hygiene Program Learning Outcomes include:

  1. 95% of students who are eligible to sit for the National Board Dental Hygiene Examinination (NBDHE) will pass the examination on the first attempt.
  2. 90% of students who have passed NBDHE and are eligible to sit for the State Board Exam will pass the State Board exam on the first attempt.


 Dental Hygiene Student Handbook 
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 Core Courses 
Health & Safety Clinical Requirements    
 Technical Standards