Dental Hygiene
Selection Criteria
Point Assignment

Alternate Candidate from Previous Class:  10 Points

Points for alternate status are applied to those applicants who were invited to alternate status in the previous year and attended Mandatory Orientation but a class position did not open up for them prior to the start of classes.

Documented Residency within the following counties
10 Points


Counties Included for Residency
Butte    Del Norte Glenn Humboldt
Lassen  Mendocino Modoc Pumas
Shasta Siskiyou Tehama Trinity


Residency must be established proving physical presence and intent of purpose.  Proof of residency will be accomplished with submission of two pieces of documentation - one piece of evidence to prove each aspect of residency. 

Physical Presence - Examples of acceptable documentation to prove physical presence include:
  • CA state tax returns
  • official rental or lease agreement
  • AFCD or CALWORKS documents
  • Unemployment documents
  • Escrow papers

Intent of Purpose - Examples of acceptable documentation to prove intent of purpose include:

  • Driver's license
  • Vehicle registration
  • Voter Registration
Utility bills and bank statements are not acceptable proof of residency.