Dietary Services Supervisor Program


Overview of Program


Classes Available Online

A Dietary Service Supervisor is responsible for institutional food service (health care, educational, and penal system), working closely with dietitians to provide quality food production, service, and nutritional care to individuals.  Graduates earn competitive salaries in hospitals, nursing facilities, residential care sites, schools, and commercial food service.  Health care facilities are required by law to employ trained personnel such as a dietitian or Dietary Service Supervisor (also called "Dietetic Service Supervisor" in California) in a supervisory position.

All coursework is available online.  This program includes 702 hours (13 units) of online instruction AND a required 150-hour supervised worksite learning.

Graduates of this program are entitled to use the designation "Dietetic Service Supervisor," as described in California state law, Title 22.

Dietary Service Supervisor Certificate 

This Certificate is desirable for anyone interested in working in foodservice aspect of the healthcare industry, including current dietary managers as well as those interested in that career path.

Enrollment Process

To enroll in the program, you will need to complete an Application for Admissions for enrollment into Shasta College. The "Begin Application for Shasta College" link is at the bottom of the page.

Once you have submitted your completed application for admissions (or if you have previously applied for admissions at Shasta College), your next step will be to communicate with an academic counselor to develop an educational plan to complete your program.  Our Online Career Counselor will be happy to help get you started in the program.

Program requirements

The Dietary Service Supervisor Program consists of six (6) courses totalling 15 units.  All courses must be completed prior to scheduling the externship hours at a healthcare facility (DSS 94).  Your externship will consist of 150 hours of supervised internship with a Registered Dietician

Externship Requirements

The required externship consits of 150 hours under the direction of a Registered Dietician.  You may complete your externship at any facility that provides dietary services and has a Registered Dietician on staff.

You, as the student, will be responsible to locate an appropriate facility in your local community for your externship.  Initially you will be making contact with the director of manager of the dietary services at the chosen location.  Once you know that there is a Registered Dietician on staff or available at the organization, you will need to contact that person to determine if they are willing to serve as your preceptor.  If they are willing to be your preceptor, they will need to sign the RD Preceptor Instructions/Agreement form.  They will include the information requested regarding the administrative contact at the organization.  This form should be emailed to the Health Sciences Office upon completion.

Prior to starting your externship, we must negotiate a clinical affiliation agreement with the facility you have chosen.  Your RD preceptor will provide the information we need in the RD Preceptor Instructions/Agreement form.  Once the agreement has been fully executed, the Health Sciences office will notify you.  When that has been completed, you will be able to proceed with planning your externship.

Further Information
For more information about the DSS Certificate Program, requirements for the certificate, and information about the worksite learning through Shasta College, please contact the Health Sciences office at 530-339-3662: