Health Information Management



Semester Five:  (14 units) 

Course Title​ Semester Units​
​HIMS 405  Fundamentals of Health Information Management ​4
​HIMS 408  Ethics in Healthcare Administration ​3
​HIMS 410  Healthcare Informatics ​4
​ENG 401   Advanced Professional Writing  ​3


Semester Six:  (14 units)

Course Title​ ​Semester Units
HIMS 415  Healthcare Analytics​ ​4
​HIMS 418  Legal Concepts and Compliance in Healthcare ​4
​HIMS 420  Principles of Finance for Health Information Management ​3
​PSYC 401 Industrial-Organization Psychology ​3


Semester Seven:  (14 units)

Course Title Semester Units​
HIMS 425 Revenue Cycle Management ​3
HIMS​ 430 Human Resources Management in Healthcare ​4
HIMS 435 Project Management in Healthcare ​3
CIS 401    Database Management and Design for Healthcare Professionals ​4


Semester Eight(12 units)

Course Title Semester Units
​​HIMS 440    Strategic Managem​ent for Healthcare Professional
 ​​4 ​
HIMS 445    Healthcare Information Systems Analysis and Design ​4
​HIMS 455A  Applied Research Project in Health Information Management ​3
​HIMS 455B  Advanced Professional Practice Experience ​1

Total Health Information Management Program                                           54 Units                                    

Baccalaureate of Science Degree                                                                            


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