Bachelor's of Science
Health Information Management




1. Student Contact Information

Students must maintain a current telephone number and address, including emergency contact information, with Shasta College and with their clinical affiliation site.  In addition, the Health Sciences and University Programs office is to be notified of any changes and students are to complete and submit a ​Contact Information Change Form​.


2. Program Retention

Students must achieve a grade of a “C” or higher in each program course and take program courses in the established sequence order without interruption in order to remain in the HIM program.


3. Course Withdrawal

A student may drop a class and have no notation appear on their transcript through the census date of each class.  Students may withdraw from a class after the official “drop” date and up to 75% of the term/by the date listed on the course syllabus.  The notation “W” will appear on the student’s transcript and will not be used in calculation of grade point average.  Students who have not dropped or withdrawn from a class will be assigned a course grade.  A student who withdraws from any HIM course must also withdraw from any co-requisite course(s).

4. Repetition of a Course

Repetition of a college course is restricted and shall occur only under the conditions as outlined in the Shasta College Catalog (Board Policy 4225​).

5. Program Withdrawal

The Program Director is to be notified if a student wishes to withdraw from the Baccalaureate Degree HIM Program.  Students who leave the program must apply for readmission.


6. Readmission to the HIM Baccalaureate Degree Program

Students who have been academically disqualified from the HIM baccalaureate degree program, or who have had to withdraw on their own initiative, may be considered for readmission into the program under limited conditions.  Readmission is never guaranteed and even if approved, is subject to availability.  Students disqualified due to legal, ethical, professional or safety issues are ineligible for readmission.

Students who are eligible for readmission consideration must initiate the process within the appropriate deadlines.  A student may apply only once for re-entry into the program.  Students who have not successfully completed the first semester of the program must submit a new application for admission and be accepted again into the program using the Program’s admission criteria for the year of desired readmission.


7. Student Grievances

A student who claims that his/her student rights have been adversely affected by a college decision or action as defined in Board Policy 5530, should refer to the Student Grievance Procedure​ as outlined in the Shasta College catalog.


8. Parking Policies

  • ​Students must park in student parking areas designated by the college.
  • Parking regulations for the Health Sciences and University Programs campus fall under the Cjity of Redding.
  • Parking at clnical facilities will be delineated at clinical orientations.
  • College insurance does not cover injury involving a vehicle driven to and from the clinical setting.


9. Student Records

Documentation for student admission, advisement, counseling, evaluation and progression toward achievement of program requirements will be maintained in the Health Sciences Division.

Official grade reports and other reports will be maintained according to college policy.



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