Health Information Technology


Semester One:  (11 units) 

Course Title​ Semester Units​
​HEOC 110 Medical Terminology ​3
​BIOL 5  Introduction to Human Biology ​3
​HIT10   Introduction to Health Information ​4
HIT 11  Computer Basics for Health Information Technology ​1
Semester Two:  (11 units)
Course Title​ ​Semester Units
HIT 7    Introduction to Human Disease Process ​3
​HIT 15  Legal Aspects of Healthcare ​3
HIT 20  Hospital and Health Statistics ​3
​HIT 25  Health Information in Alternative Settings ​2
Semester Three:  (8 units)
Course Title Semester Units
HIT 30  Basic Pharmacology 1
​HIT 35  CPT Coding 3
​HIT 40  ICD Coding I 4
Semester Four:  (11 units)
​Course Title Semester Units​
​HIT 45   ICD Coding II ​4
HIT 50   Healthcare Reimbursement                                   ​2
HIT 55   Healthcare Quality Management ​3
HIT 60   Professional Practice Experience **​  ​2
** PPE may be taken in semester three
Total Health Information Technology Program                                          41 Units                                    
Associate of Science Degree   
It is recommended that students complete some or all of their General Education units prior to entering the 
program.  If students choose to take GE graduation requirements during the program, the semester unit load will increase to 18-19 units per semester.