Health Information Technology
Health Information Management

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As a result of Senate Bill 850, Shasta College is one of 15 schools that received approval from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office to offer a bachelor’s degree program at the community college 
level as part of the Baccalaureate Degree Pilot Program. Shasta College was chosen to offer the 
baccalaureate degree in the rapidly growing field of Health Information Management (HIM).  
There are two separate programs included in Shasta College's Health Information programs:
Health Information Technology (HIT) Program​ consists of the first two years of the program and results in an Associate of Science degree in Health Information Technology and prepares the graduate to apply for national certification as a Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT).

Shasta College’s Health Information Technology Program is an open-enrollment program typical of community college programs.  This program consists of 41 units in the core courses of the program.  It is recommended that students follow the course sequence to maximize  learning and success in the program.  

Health Information Management (HIM) Program consists of educational courses in the third and fourth year at upper division level that result in a Bachelor's of Science degree in Health Information Management.  This additional educational preparation prepares the graduate to apply for writing the national examination for certification as a Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA).

Enrollment to the Health Information Management degree program will be based on cohort enrollment.  Students applying for the program will be required to enroll in all of the courses in sequence prescribed for the semester.  Upon successful completion, the students will enroll in the next set of courses in the following semester and so on until they have completed the degree program.

Students, at their expense, are required to have a physical examination and demonstrate proof of  immunity prior to entering the Clinical experience component of the Health Information Technology and Health Information Management programs. Students must also comply with drug testing and background clearance requirements for clinical placements.


Maintaining Contact with Health Sciences
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